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    Randy McIntyre

    Randy McIntyre
    Randy McIntyre
    Randy at Treasured Artist Reception by Secretary of State
    Randy McIntyre
    PO Box 361

    Eureka, MT 59917
    Phone: (406) 291-1593
    Contact: Send Email
    Web Site Address:

    Although Randy has an AA Degree in Art Education, he is mainly self taught. Growing up on a ranch in northern Wyoming, the small schools Randy attended offered no Art. Randy spent hours in the school library flipping through art magazines and books featuring such artists as John Clymer, Hans Kleiber and local artist Bernard Thomas.

    Randy’s love for the Mountains, History, and Wildlife of Northwest Montana and the West shows in each of his paintings. Randy, at the age of 12 started his path as an artist, when he first started to paint. He began his professional career in art when he and his wife, Sandy, opened their first gallery in Dayton, Wyoming in 1979. In 1984, with their three daughters, they moved to Eureka, Montana where Randy opened his Studio, The Natural Canvas Art Studio, at their home eight miles northwest of Eureka, in the heart of the Northern Rocky Mountains. From the windows of Randy’s studio he can see the aspen trees he uses in his paintings, as well as Douglas Fur, Bull Pine and Spruce. Through out the winter 250 + head of elk frequent the small ranch where the McIntyre’s raise a few head of cattle. Moose, mountain loins, wolves and bears have wondered through the ranch, and the whitetail deer are in the yard and garden every morning. Randy and Sandy try to spend one day a week hiking in the mountains around Eureka, photographing the landscapes, animals, rocks, tree stumps and anything else that catches Randy’s eye, and that he can work into one of his paintings.

    In January, 2009, Randy was honored by the Montana Secretary of State, as the first “Treasured” Montana Artist. Eighteen of Randy’s originals were displayed in the Montana Secretary of State’s Lobby in the Capitol Building, in Helena, MT from January through April, 2009.

    Along with his painting, Randy is very active in community projects in his long time “Hometown” of Eureka, MT. Randy is involved with the Chamber of Commerce, is the Chair Person of the Towns Rendezvous Committee, President of the Lincoln County Tourism Board and sets on the Glacier Country Tourism Board of Directors, Representative for Lincoln County. Randy is responsible for organizing the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce Farmer’s Market, which is now in the process of forming a Farmer’s Market Co-op. Randy was also the founder of the annual Eureka Home Based Business Expo, which allows all of the local Home Businesses a place to show the community their products and services. Randy received the Montana SBA Home Based Business Champion of the Year and the Region Vlll Home Based Business Champion of the Year in 2008 for the Home Business Expo. Randy is presently working on two projects to promote the arts in Eureka. One is an Artists Co-op in Eureka, the other is organizing “Art on the River Walk”, a new show featuring Artists from across the Pacific North West. Randy is working to make Eureka, MT an “Artists Destination”.

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    Free Trappers
    Free Trappers
    Nations Pride
    Nations Pride

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