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   5/12 - Douglas Wilks
   3/24 - Bob Williams
   3/21 - Ashley Jensen
   2/23 - Mary Schaan
   2/10 - Charles Nutter
   1/27 - Tobie Liedes
   12/30 - Patty Franklin
   10/28 - Georgine Archer
   10/23 - Joy Staelens
   10/19 - Sharon Lamar

  • 2/23 - The Paradise Gallery
  • 9/1 - Ripe Art
  • 7/24 - Wheatgrass Arts and Gallery
  • 7/11 - Beartooth Gallery Fine Art
  • 6/6 - Elk Camp Arts,
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    Montana Arts Directory

    More artwork by Edward Gillenwater
       Here in Montana everything is beautiful, including our amazing artwork. Montana's culturally diverse artwork provides something for everyone. Please surf through our site and take a gander at the Artwork and the Artists our great state has to offer. If you find something you like contact the artist directly to purchase it.

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       Another section worth taking a look through is Artwork by Category. I've chopped up the category pages in easily digestible (and downloadable) sizes, of 30 pieces of artwork each. Let me know what you think of this format.


    3-Day Plein Air Painting in Montana's Bitterroot Mountains Oil Painting Workshop in June (1/22/2010)

    This new workshop will start by reviewing the basic approach to landscape design and composition and will focus on painting the proper shapes, values, colors, and textures of nature in a mountain and river setting Read More

    North Valley Hospital Seeks Artists (11/20/2009)

    North Valley Hospital, located in Whitefish, MT, seeks artists to display their work as part of its rotating art display. The art should have a perceivably positive subject matter, convey a sense of security or safety. Art is displayed for two months and is hung in a location where a high volume of viewers will be able to enjoy it. Read More

    Zoot Enterprises Invites Montana Artists to Display Their Work (9/4/2009)

    Zoot Enterprises is inviting Montana artists to submit proposals for displaying their work in the Zoot Art Gallery. Deadline is October 1, 2009. Read More

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